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Medright definitely prepares you for everything you encounter in the phlebotomy field. It was an excellent program!!! Ms. Howard is a great teacher! I took the November class, completed my clinical and I now have a Beaumont job offer. I would like to thank both Ms. Howard and Ms. Lucas. I would also recommend this class to anyone, hospitals actually prefer Medright students.

Miranda Bonds

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Medright, Inc. has been approved by the prestigious National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences since 2000!

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ASCP Examination

Medright, Inc. Phlebotomy student are well prepared for the Certification Examination administered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology BOC.

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I recommend this program to anyone looking to jump start their career in the medical field. Ms. Howard and Mrs. Lucas are excellent role models with incredible knowledge and experience to help you become the best phlebotomist you possibly can. I am very much excited about my future and career as an phlebotomist. Thank you Ms. Howard and Mrs. Lucas for all the encouraging words and help... You two ladies are the best!!!!

Renita Cooper


Professional MEDICAL Education

I absolutely loved this program. Mrs. Lucas and Ms. Howard are an awesome team together! You really get a lot of hands on experience throughout the program. They prepare you for everything you could possibly run across in the healthcare field! Would recommend this program to anyone! Thank you Mrs. Lucas and Ms. Howard for everything! I can't wait to use everything you guys have taught me! Would retake this program in a heartbeat.

​Taylor Altman

Students come to Medright, Inc. from all walks of life from those that have just graduated high school to those entering graduate school. Those that know what career path they are on to those open to new possibilities.

Whether you are in need of patient contact hours for graduate school or looking to start a career with job security and benefits Medright, Inc. is the Right place for you.  

I loved this program. You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into when you signed up and they did not falter. They are honest and the teacher and proctors really tried to help you to be the best you can be. Quickest 10 weeks and if I could do another program with them, I would in a heartbeat without even thinking twice about it.

Melissa Nguyen