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Just wanted to update you on my current situation.  Yesterday was my 2 month anniversary on location at SJSCL.  I LOVE IT!!  My Lead Laboratory Assistant is great.  We are so much alike with work ethics, how we talk/teach.  Couldn't have been a better fit.  She is a leader that tell me every single day how much she appreciates me.  She was worried when I first came there because of the zero experience.  Within 2 days, she was so happy that I was there.  She appreciates how strong I am and that I am a quick learner.  Now she makes comments like..."one day you are going to be running this place."  She already considers me a leader.
Hours are great.  Guaranteed 40 hours and so far I have had overtime on every paycheck.  Doesn't even feel like I work 40 hours.  Such a big switch from retail pharmacy.  I have done a venous draw on a 1 year old and heel stick on a 27 day old. So far, none of my patients have had to be called back for a redraw.  That makes me very happy!  I credit that to the training I received at Medright.  I believe that the SJSCL is the best place for anyone to come do their rotation as they will learn more than just drawing blood.
I love this job and am so grateful for both of you and the instruction you provided.
Thank you...from the bottom of my heart!!!
Donna Kalis

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The program was run extremely well and Mrs. Lucas and Ms. Howard were great! They provided you with all the necessary material to succeed, however it is up to the student to put in the effort and work to pass the class. A lot of material was covered in a short time so it is imperative to always do the work assigned and not get behind. Ms. Howard truly cared about her students and getting them prepared for working as a phlebotomist. Ms. Howard and Mrs. Lucas were quick to comp...liment the students and encourage them through the program. The proctors were extremely helpful as well when we were in the lab learning blood draws. They were patient and understanding and encouraged our hands on learning. I would recommend the program to anyone interested in becoming a phlebotomist. I feel well prepared and ready to enter the field of phlebotomy thanks to Mrs. Lucas and Ms. Howard!

Nikki Shanyn

My experience at MedRight was phenomenal! The program provided an idealistic blend of practical and conceptional learning, within an intimate setting that enabled personal attention to help build and solidify the skills and techniques that are required for success within the field of phlebotomy. Being in a major that requires several certifications, I can confidently say that I have never felt as prepared entering into my externship, as well as my new job as a phlebotomist, as I have after finishing MedRight’s wonderful program. Mrs. Lucas and Ms. Howard, as well as all of the proctors, genuinely want success for each of their students; they openly express their support—providing comfort and guidance when it all seems too overwhelming, as well as celebrating success. I am grateful for MedRight for preparing me for both applications in an outpatient and inpatient setting. Moreover, in addition to having a high caliber phlebotomy program, their IV skills class was equally as amazing, insightful, and highly useful. They teach in such a way that the classroom feels like a second home. I will forever be grateful for MedRight, Mrs. Lucas, Ms. Howard, and the wonderful people I was able to share the experience with, and now call my friends.

Jessica Walukonis

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