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Medright is an amazing program!! The skills I have learned through Ms Howard and Ms Lucas are incredible and I know that I am ready for the "real world". The people I met are some of the nicest people also! All of the proctors were very helpful as well, teaching me the right ways to perform venipunctures and hand draws! Truly amazing! Thank you to all the proctors, and Ms Howard and Ms Lucas for all of your top notch teaching!!  

​Christine Enright

Medright, Inc. is known for  providing only the highest caliber educational programs, and has an A+ rating with the

Better Business Bureau.

The program was run extremely well and Mrs. Lucas and Ms. Howard were great! They provided you with all the necessary material to succeed, however it is up to the student to put in the effort and work to pass the class. A lot of material was covered in a short time so it is imperative to always do the work assigned and not get behind. Ms. Howard truly cared about her students and getting them prepared for working as a phlebotomist. Ms. Howard and Mrs. Lucas were quick to comp...liment the students and encourage them through the program. The proctors were extremely helpful as well when we were in the lab learning blood draws. They were patient and understanding and encouraged our hands on learning. I would recommend the program to anyone interested in becoming a phlebotomist. I feel well prepared and ready to enter the field of phlebotomy thanks to Mrs. Lucas and Ms. Howard!

Nikki Shanyn

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       ASCP Examination    

               Medright, Inc. Phlebotomy students are well prepared for the  certification examination administed by the American Society for Clinical Pathology by BOC.

There is no doubt that this is the best training around for phlebotomy..I felt confident at my clinicals and I loved the instructors...thank you Medright!!

Eric Frieburger

​Medright was the best educational experience I've ever had. The professionalism and support and education I received goes unmeasured. Day one I felt the support of Mrs Lucas and the entire staff. I just wanted to say thank you for making me such a great phlebotomist and also for supporting me and my family.
Medright is and was a blessing.

Marion Smith

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