Professional MEDICAL Education

Phlebotomy Certification Program 

Despite receiving training in the armed forces and a world of experience veterans aren't always able to transfer that knowledge into a career outside of the military.

Attending overly long programs repeating the information they already have is not an ideal situation. Military personnel have given so much for all of us it's time we do something for them.  Medright, Inc. and Beaumont Health have partnered  to provide Phlebotomy career opportunities for veterans and active duty military personnel interested in a healthcare career that is high in demand and ultizies the valuable skills taught in the service. 

* Discounted pricing

*10 week program with a clinical externship / job interview

*Successful completion of the program provides a career path to working in the hospital, Dr. offices, private laboratories, staffing companies, renal dialysis and so much more.

Active Duty



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