A vast majority of patients seen in the Emergency Room and admitted to the hospital have an IV put in place. IV stands for Intravenous Infusions, it is an invasive medical procedure that should only be performed by highly trained medical personnel. If done correctly it can be a life saving measure providing fluid replacement, blood transfusions, means for medication and nutritional delivery. If done incorrectly it can result in life altering complications including loss of life or limb. 

Our IV Skills class is for healthcare professionals with some prior medical knowledge and experience. We will cover the reasons for an IV; anatomy and physiology affecting an IV and those affected by an IV. Students will learn about the various locations for an IV; proper procedures for starting an IV; what an IV bolus is and piggy-back lines are as well as complications associated with IV’s.

There will be ample hands on time as students practice using the equipment to ensure confidence with starting, monitoring and discontinuing IV’s. Class size is limited for optimal staff to student ratios.

Due to the pace and depth of the material covered eligible student for admittance into the program must provide documentation proof of prior medical education and or work experience in healthcare. 

It is an ideal class to maintain skills needed in healthcare or to learn the necessary steps to become proficient performing the medical procedure.

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IV Skills