The first question most people ask is what does a Home Health Aide do?



That is a great question, to which the answer is very simple, Home Health Aides help people. They work in a patients home, assisting them with anything from preparing means to taking vital signs to helping them with their day to day needs. It really depends on the needs of the individual patient. Some individuals need minimal assistance, other due to serious injuries or life altering illnesses require a team of healthcare providers.

Being a Home Health Aide is rewarding from a personal and professional level. More and More patients are receiving care in their homes, thus the need for qualified workers is going up. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for Home Health Aids to significantly increase by 38%.

​Medright, Inc.'s Home Health Aide program prepares the student so that they are able to work independently or as a part of the healthcare team. Students learn medical terminology, anatomy & Physiology in a way that is fun as well as educational. Students learn how to take a patients vital signs and to know when there is reason to contact the patient's physician. Student's learn how to identify and care for a variety of medical conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetic emergencies, respiratory conditions and so much more. Students will learn how to care for patients from newborns to the elderly and the needs that are unique to each age group.

​Medright, Inc. is perfect for the student who learns with hands-on activities. Being a Home Health Aide is the perfect job for those wanting to get into healthcare, whether your plan is to go into nursing or may physician assistant or even medical school. The skills and knowledge you gain from Medright, Inc.'s program will benefit you as you continue your career in medicine and on your educational journey.